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Escorts in Singapore, who are highly sought after by many foreigners visiting here, are a special type of company. They serve to make the life of their clients better at any function or event they attend here. The VIP escorts who are hired by different people for their special events in Singapore, tend to be of a high-class and their service is guaranteed to be the best. There are various types of VIP escorts in Singapore. Some of these VIP's have names that suggest what they look like. The elite escort services include female escorts, male escorts, and Asian escorts. For the most part, the companies that hire the high-end male and female escorts tend to be companies who deal with high-end gifts and other services.

There are various service categories available for the escorts in Singapore. They include the famous red light district escorts, VIP red light district escorts, and VIP white light district escorts. Most of the elite escorts in Singapore have been categorized into their various categories and their services according to their location are: If we consider the red light district, the most well known among the VIP is in Singapore are the "Red Light Girls". They are exotic dancers who entertain their customers in the most unusual ways. These elite Singapore escorts tend to work in groups and are hired to entertain a number of customers at a time. In some instances, they may be called upon to perform a particular song.

The other most well-known type of Singapore VIP is the "VIP red light district" escorts, who are the local version of the red-light district pampered women of Vegas. The women here are usually very beautiful and often model like the famous strip club girls of Vegas. The VIPs usually arrive at the hotel in a private vehicle, accompanied by bodyguards. They may even arrive by helicopter or by a special private jet, depending on the arrangements for the event. One of the most popular types of Singapore VIP services available to VIPs in Singapore would be the so-called "VIP stripper" service. This service is provided by many of the high-end Singapore restaurants and hotels and the services are always looked forward to with great enthusiasm by the customers.

The basic concept behind the SG VIP escorts services is that the customer pays a certain amount of money per hour or by the transaction for the services of the stripper, who would then dance for the duration of the event. The customer can choose between a male or a female dancer. The service is offered both in the evening and morning hours, with special services offered during Christmas and New Year Eve. Other types of Singapore VIP escort services would include burlesque shows, comedy nights, and karaoke. All these come under the banner of "VIP entertainment" and the prices differ depending on the time of year and the number of guests.

At most hotels and restaurants in Singapore, the elite escorts and their bodyguards serve as the main entertainment for the guests, and they include male and female strippers, a variety of entertainers and dancers to cater to all tastes and ages. The male escorts here are in their twenties or even younger. They are all well-groomed and well built, and they all speak with a calm passion not unlike their counterparts in the West. The exotic escorts are well hung, handsome, and well toned. They all have bright red hair, and they all carry a charm of their own that makes them desirable to all classes of people. The "VIP entertainment" industry has a lot of work in its hands, but the Singapore escorts cater to all types of crowds and are also very attractive to watch in their bikinis. They are all very popular, and they are known for their flamboyance and their exotic lifestyles.