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  • Q 1: Are the prices on your site negotiable?
  • In a word, no, they aren’t.
  • Q 2: How can I find out more information about the escort I select?
  • Visit our Portfolio page or contact us and we can provide you with the information you need.
  • Q 3: What type of service can I expect?
  • Your booking with Millionaire Club is a guaranteed - Full Service Package. There are no further costs or charges beyond the rates listed.
  • Q 4: Can I make a special request?
  • Absolutely! If you’d like your sexy girl to wear something special, or if you have any other special request, just ask – we will always try and be as accommodating as possible.
  • Q 5: What payment methods do the girls accept?
  • Our girls will only accept payment in cash or credit cards. This should be given to your companion within the first ten minutes of the booking. *Note: There will be surcharge using card payment.
  • Q 6: Can I arrange to meet the model privately without making a booking through Millionaire Club?
  • Each appointment must be booked only through Millionaire Club; the girls will refuse any request to meet with you privately. Please do not ask for their contacts, the companion will refuse your request. This is to protect their privacy.
  • Q7: Are your escorts really Singapore girls?
  • Yes. 100% unless otherwise stated.
  • Q8: Why are your photos faceless?
  • As we have said, our girls are 100% Singapore girls. Being in such a small city does has its pros and cons. And one obvious con is that if faces were shown, she will be easily recognizable and we all don’t want that, do we?
  • Q9. Are your lady clean?
  • Yes all our lady very clean and visit a doctor regular.
  • Q10. Are the photos is genuine?
  • Yes You will get what You see.
  • Q11. How many hours is overnight?
  • Overnight mean 7-8 hour.
  • Q12. If I like lady and want stay longer how much I have to pay for additional hour?
  • Additional hour charges as mentioned in the rate list.
  • Q13. Which hotel I can book for call lady?
  • We accept only good clean high quality hotel.
  • Q14. Can I call lady to my house?
  • Yes You can , but must be condo or private house.
  • Q15. If I does not want any body see me and lady in lobby of my hotel what can I do?
  • You can ask lady come to any floor , which she can come without a key and meet her there.

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